About Us

Scholar Partners offers group and tailored purchasing solutions and management services for K-12 and post-secondary private and charter academic institutions. Our sole focus is to greatly improve the experience of the students and faculty of our partner institutions through group and tailored purchasing and enhancements in budgeting, strategy and purchasing processes. Members of Scholar Partners should expect:

  • Significant savings on operating and capital expenditures through group purchasing that can be reinvested in faculty compensation, smaller class sizes, additional academic programming, extracurricular activities and technology;
  • Purchasing process efficiencies that create additional time for administrators and faculty to focus on other mission critical activities;
  • Access to the highest quality technology, infrastructure and educational materials at the lowest prices in the market;
  • Personalized customer service to improve your purchasing and business office processes; and
  • Additional value added services including purchasing reviews, budget reviews and strategic planning consultations to allow academic institutions to meet their mission and vision.

What Makes Us Different?

  • No fees: Scholar Partners is FREE! for academic institutions
  • No purchase obligations
  • Customized services for K-12 and post-secondary private and charter academic institutions allows us to meet our member's needs
  • High-quality customer service focused on reducing time spent on purchasing by administrators and faculty
  • Leadership with extensive experience working in the education industry


Benefit #1:
Generate Significant Savings

Group purchasing can
results in significant
savings (as high as 25%) on operating and capital expenditures

Benefit #2:
Save Administrator and Faculty Time

Streamlined purchasing processes and personalized customer service allows administrators and faculty to focus more time on other activities
Benefit #3:
Improve Business Operations Through Value-Added Services


Additional value-added services will help schools achieve their mission and vision

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